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tsavorite garnet

In the minds of many, garnet simply evokes a red stone. However garnet can have different colors, except blue.

Tsavorite is among the most sought after of all garnets.

It is a green grossularite garnet. This gemstone was discovered in Tanzania in 1967 by Campbell Bridges. The name "tsavorite" was created in 1974 by Campbell Bridges and Tiffany Henry Platt, and is derived from the name of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya. The ideal color is emerald green tsavorite. The color should be intense without being too dark or yellowish. It is due to vanadium, sometimes with traces of chromium.

The tsavorite garnet is a rare stone. Most of the pieces are small size and less than two carats. Its small deposits make the less abundant than most other garnets. The stones of more than three carats, rare, fetch high prices.