Paraiba Tourmaline 6.26 carats, 33 diamonds for 1.5 carat, white gold ring.

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Fine and exceptional 18k white gold ring with a rare Paraiba tourmaline

Frame entirely set with 66 diamonds, approx 1.50 carats

Paraiba Tourmaline: Originally, Paraiba Tourmaline is a stone extracted from the mine Balthaïa in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, hence its name. His discovery is recent: 1987 exactly.

Brazil is the classical country of origin of the tourmaline.

This family has multi-colored stones, nearly all the colors of the rainbow.

Yet until the discovery of valuable Paraiba, the turquoise color has long lacked the board. In recent years beautiful tourmalines known as "Paraiba" were extracted from Africa and Mozambique in particular.

Normally, these are traces of copperwhich endow the beautiful colors of this tourmaline.

Weight: 6.26 carats

Origin: Mozambique

Blue / green water

Exceptional brightness

Clarity: SI

Dimensions: 12.81 X 10.31 X 7 mm

Ring size: 53

Total weight: 13gr

Authenticity guaranteed by Julie Cailleux Mialet expert, graduated from the National Institute of Gemology in Paris


Ref. : B184

Tourmaline , spring jewellery , tourmaline paraiba

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