Chrysoprase, pink sapphires white gold ring


Chrysoprase, pink sapphires 18 carats white gold ring.

Chrysoprase weight: 12 carats

Chrysoprase gemstone is of very fine translucent green color and texture.

Chrysoprase is the most valuable stone in the chalcedony group.

The microscopic fine quartz fibers in it have a radial structure.

Its green color is the result of staining by nickel oxide compounds of the stone.

Australia (New South Wales region), Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Russia (the Urals region), Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, and California has a good deposit of Chrysoprase.

Ring size: 53

Total weight: 13 gr

Authenticity guaranteed by Julie Cailleux Mialet expert, graduated from the National Institute of Gemology in Paris


Ref. : B114

Pink sapphire , Quartz jewels , Chrysoprase