Gemology is the science of precious stones and fine gems.
A gemstone is a mineral hewn by man in order to mount it on a piece of jewelry or decorative object.
Among the most famous gems, we can cite the beryls (emeralds, aquamarines, morganite, heliodor), corundum (sapphires, rubies and sapphires), diamond but also tourmaline, quartz (amethyst, citrine, rock crystal rutilated quartz ..), garnets (Spessartite, demantoid, Tsavorite, Almandine, Hessonite, rhololite), feldspath (moonstones, labradorite ..), opals .....
There are also "hard stones" such as jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, rhodonite, the zoisite .....
Finally, organic materials such as pearls, mother of pearl, coral, jet, ivory, amber and even tortoise shell and shagreen (skin rays).

This science allows the graduate gemologist to distinguish between two stones, apparently similar but of different values (eg topaz and aquamarine) and identify all artificial and synthetic materials manufactured and used extensively in jewelry since the nineteenth century.

Gemology also allows analysis of the stones in depth and analyze their inclusions to confirm their origin (for a single stone, depending on the deposit inclusions can be very different).

The expert gemologist is able to give you the actual value of your stone according to various criteria such as:
- The intensity and vividness of color
- The purity and transparency for crystal gems
- The homogeneity of the color
- Hardness
- The size
- The weight of the stone

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About the author

Julie Cailleux Mialet, Designer & Gemmologist, has revisited the Gemstone Universe with her High Standard Collection of Necklace, Rings and Earrings by cleverly mixing Pearls, Rough Rocks, Fine or Precious Gems. By her expertise, professionalism, dynamism but also by her Stonecutters and Brokers contacts through the world; Julie will be able to advise you in regards to Gemstone. Gemmology is her passion which allow her to introduce, to her customers, gems that are not well know on the French Market. Ladies that loves gems and jewels loves her creations. Her Necklaces, Rings or Earrings are suited to all type of fabrics, seasons and moods. Her creations are realised in her Paris’ Studio and respect the norm of ‘La Joaillerie Française’ With large variety of prices, quality product, designer style, personalised advise and a sales point at the Paris’ Village Suisse; Les Pierres de Julie is a must go places to find a jewel or unique piece to offer.