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Garnet: a surprisingly colorful stone

Garnet is not only a stone of dark dull red color, it is also a very interesting stone in many ways: the garnet large family offers a wide range of varied colors.

Yet garnet is found in all colors except blue.


The name "garnet" comes from the most common color of garnet: red wine, burgundy or purple that has been compared to red pomegranate.

Here are the different types of garnet found in jewelery

- Pyrope : red light brownish (Origin: Bohemia, South Africa, Australia, Madagascar)


- Rhodolite: (light variety of pyrope). Pinkish red to purple (origin: USA, Madagascar, Ceylon, Brazil, Zambia, Tanzania)

- Almandin: Red brick to purple (Origins: Ceylon, India, Afghanistan, Brazil.)

- Spessartite or Mandarin Garnet : orange to red-brown. Also called "Fanta color" on production sites. (Origins: Ceylon, Brazil, USA, Madagascar)

Mandarin Garnet is a rare and valuable stone. Its orange color is extremely attractive if the stone is well cut.

- Hessonite (grossulaire) : dark orange (Origins: Ceylon)

- Tsavorite (grossulaire) : Intense green (Tanzania) like an emerald. Beautiful shine.


The tsavorite garnet is a rare stone. Most of the pieces are below two carats. Over 3 carats prices a really high.

- Demantoïde (andradite) : Emerald green to meadow green.
The most valuable garnets (Urals and Piedmont).


This is by far the most expensive of all garnets. To judge a demantoid garnet, we must look the purity of the stone and the intensity of the green color. Stones over three carats are extremely rare. Russian demantoid gives more value of the stone.

The Russian demantoid garnets often contain inclusions of fibrous chrysotile forming inclusions called "ponytails".

Voir: un-grenat-demantoide-de-7.66-carats-en-vente-chez-sothebys

The hardness of the garnet is between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

As prices vary greatly from one color to another, les Pierres de Julie you can create a beautiful ring, necklace or earrings in gold and garnet depending on your budget.

The variety of colors of garnet also allows you to mix two stones in the same setting: So the Mandarin garnet goes very well with Tsavorite garnet ....

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