The january birthstone: garnet

This gemstone is generally of a red wine color sometimes purple, sometimes orange so it has been compared to the red of the pomegranate. In fact the garnets can be found in all colors except blue .... Under the name garnet we only refer to the red to pink varieties like almandine, pyrope, Hessonite and rhodolite. But there is also very fine garnet of green or orange color. Green garnet can be divided in two categories - Andradite garnet of very bright green color, the rarest of the garnet, used as a gem, so called Demantoid garnet because of its high luster associated with a strong dispersion 0,057, higher than diamond. Demantoid garnet is one of the rarest of all gemstones. Stones over five carats are extremely rare and pieces over ten carats are virtually unknown. -Tsavorite garnet: Most prized of the grossularite group of garnet, very vivid gemstone with the same coloring agents as emerald. The name of this magnificent vivid green stone comes from the Tsavo National Park in Kenya where it was first found, in the beginning of the seventies. Tsavorite garnet is a rare stone. Some studies have found that it around 200 hundred times more rare than emerald. Most pieces are below two carats and pieces over three carats demand high prices.

Orange garnet, called Mandarin garnet or spessartite, from the city Spessart in Bavaria where it had originally been found. It was virtually unknown in big sizes until the beginning of the nineties when an important source was discovered in Namibia. Mandarin garnet is a rare and valuable stone. Its true orange color is extremely attractive, if the stone is well cut.

Garnet is january's birthstone

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