In these time of gold price inflation, I thought it was a good sign to tell you more about this precious metal, the fruit of so many desires.

Gold is one of the most sought after metals in the world.
Its brilliance matches his legendary rarity.
Pure gold is 24 karat gold, yellow color (gold bullion, some gold coins).

Gold jewelry is gold mixed with one or more other metals to increase its rigidity.
Pure gold is rarely used because it has the reputation of being difficult to handle or work (and too soft).

Therefore, the jewelers use particularly
18 carat gold with 75 % fine gold content (750/1000eme to be precise).

The 18 carat gold is an alloy with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, iron and aluminum.
The association also aims to change the color of gold: white gold, rose gold

For example, the classic color "yellow gold", is obtained with 75% pure gold, 12.5% ​​silver and 12.5% ​​copper.
The white gold is 75% pure gold, nickel (the largest proportion), copper and zinc.
The red gold on the other hand, it is 75% pure gold and copper rosette to 25%.
The rose gold is manufactured with 75% pure gold, 19% copper and 6% silver.
The jewelers also use 75% pure gold with 15% palladium and 10% silver for the gold.

Finally remember that there are also gold 14 carat and 9 carat gold.

These alloys are less used in France but very common in foreign countries.
The 14-karat gold contains only 585/1000eme of pure gold.
The 9 carat gold contains only 350/1000eme pure gold.

Selling 14 carat and 9 carat
gold jewelery is permitted in Fance. Your jeweler need to specify it on the certificate.

In France, the law is very explicit: "when it comes to products containing gold, platinum, silver or palladium, price indications must be accompanied by an indication of the precious metal used and title expressed in thousandths "

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