"Cartier Style and History" Exhibition

Taking place at the Grand Palais in Paris until February 16, the " Cartier Style and History" exhibition brings together for the first time more than 600 exceptional pieces , collected in the prestigious Salon d'Honneur . This is the first Parisian event of this magnitude since the retrospective devoted to Cartier in 1989 at the Petit Palais.


diademe cartier

Diadème Cartier Paris, 1914, Photo : V. Wulveryck, Collection Cartier (©Cartier).

Exceptional and emblematic jewelry, sumptuous tiaras, but also watches, clocks, fine objects, drawings or fashion accessories are featured in this stunning exhibition, which traces the importance of the jeweler in the history of taste and decorative arts from its foundation in 1847 until the mid-1970s.

In this retrospective historical and aesthetic, are exposed the most beautiful pieces, and more than 300 documents from the Cartier archives.


cartier archive

bijou cartier


Over styles, inspirations and personalities, you can discover the history of Cartier, who played a major role in the history of decorative arts.

The house that was called the "king of jewelers " and " jeweler of kings" has captivated the world, from the Maharajah to the Queen of England , to movie stars or heiresses U.S. (Barbara Hutton, Marlene Dietrich , Liz taylor , Maria Felix ... ).

cartier celebrity



Photos Marian Gérard / Archives Cartier / N. Welsh / Collection Cartier

Punctuated by the evocation of iconic characters in the history of Cartier, the exhibition highlights the passion of the most elegant personalities of the twentieth century to the jeweler.


cartier crocodiles

Photo V. Wulveryck, Collection Cartier © Cartier

The unique expertise of the Cartier house has survived the centuries and adapt to the times, offering an exciting testimony to the evolution of taste and social codes: classic to more modern creations, through the exotic.


cartier necklace

Commande de Sir Bhupindar Singh (1928), maharajah de Patiala. Monture en platine sertie de 2930 diamants, de deux rubis et du célèbre diamant de Beers (234.69 carats), pour un poids total de 1000 carats. Photo copyright Cartier.


panther cartier

Broche-pince Panthère, Cartier, 1949, platine, or blanc © Cartier


This exhibition, the largest ever devoted to Cartier, neglects no activities that made his reputation, the ceremonial to the most intimate parts jewelry. Featured!

Paris , Grand Palais
December 4, 2013 - February 16, 2014

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